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Game Developer

Lori has been a designer and producer of video games since 1996. In her early years, most of the games she worked on were published on AOL for their Game's Channel. She eventually moved on to much larger projects in the form of MMORPGs, including the award-winning Dark Age of Camelot and the award-winning mobile action MMORPG, Star Wars Uprising.

Lori's design-related skills run the gamut of the design spectrum, including ideation and IP creation, writing and editing, content design, hero design, class and race design, narrative design, tool design, level design, and many types of system design—combat mechanics, magic systems, game loops, tower-defense gameplay, movement and flight systems, guild and community systems, AI scripting, itemization, and much more.​

In addition to working on over 40 titles, Lori has been the vision holder for the majority of projects on which she's worked with the responsibility of conveying that vision to the team and providing direction to those who implement it.


Lori has been creating original worlds since she was in high school. Much of that worldbuilding has carried over to her 25-year career designing video games, but some of it she kept to herself. After more than 20 years of polishing a world that was near and dear to her heart, she published her debut novel, Secrets of Tanoria: The Crystal Warrior, in 2019. In March 2022, she published her second novel, Light in the Dark. She is hard at work on the sequels of both novels. She is also working on an interactive graphic novel, Aegis, sponsored by Tales: Choose Your Own Story.

Voice Actor

Lori Hyrup began the voice acting portion of her career in 2013 in San Francisco, CA, training at Voicetrax Voice-over Academy. Today, she continues her training at Voicetrax and is now performing professionally for video games and commercials.


All the years spent designing many different types of games has given Lori an arsenal of knowledge to share with others. In addition to her other endeavors, Lori spends part of her time teaching at the Academy of Art University in the School of Game Development.


Lori lives in the Seattle, WA, region with her husband and their young daughter. When she is not working or spending time with her family, Lori enjoys reading comic books, playing games, and painting miniature gaming figures.

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