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Throughout my childhood, I spent time making voices for my toys or trying to imitate a variety of voices from my favorite cartoons. As an adult, I entered the game development industry and found myself frequently surrounded by characters that eventually needed voices. That exposure reignited the itch I felt as a child. I finally found my path to professional voice acting after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area and discovering Voicetrax Voice-over Academy where I trained and continue to train with some of the best people in the VO industry.



I am your tough-as-nails soldier, the no-nonsense warrior, the team-leading superhero, the down-to-earth detective, the real mom, the trustworthy gal-next-door, the straight-shooting scientist, the intelligent lawyer, the authoritative corporate professional, and the supportive teacher.


Character Demo - Lori Hyrup
Narration Demo - Lori Hyrup
Commercial Demo - Lori Hyrup
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